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 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long will my item take?

Well, there's just me, two embroidery machines, an overlocker and a sewing machine. I tried to teach the cats to sew but they're still acting like they're the evil overlords in this scenario. Usually it's 7-10 days unless I tell you otherwise.

2. I would like my specific fandom item embroidered on something

I can accommodate most fandoms but some stuff will involve a surcharge.

3. I like a specific item, but I would like it made in a different colour.

Ask away!

4. I ordered a pink towel and you have sent me a blue bag, WTF?

First of all, email us as soon as you discover this. Secondly, do NOT use the item. Return it to us within 7 days, and we will  send a replacement item out, or issue you with a refund. Please see my 'Terms and Conditions' page, too.

5. Do you ship to ...?

I ship worldwide. 

6.  I want to order an item from you but I do not have a credit card or Paypal, can I pay you by another method.

Certainly, contact us and I'll see what I can do.

7.  I sent you an email, when will you reply?

As soon as I can. I try to answer emails within 24 hours.


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